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how to overcome jealousy

If you are already tired of your jealousy, we are ready to offer you several ways to get rid of this bad traits in character. Of course, we can not promise that they will act immediately, but if you work on yourself, then all must succeed. The first way - not the most efficient, but can try.

  • 1. To start, make a list of what is causing your jealousy. But do it in descending order.
  • 2. Turn on relaxing music and chill out.
  • 3. Scroll to the head of the situation, causing your jealousy. And try to relax. If everything is fine, then go to the next item. If not - relax and get back to the task.

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The second method is a funny name "Cow Bell". Tell your mate that he (she) nazvanivala you every hour that she was aware of where you are, what you do. Then you do let us lodge in the role of the "cow bell", and your fiancee as a shepherd, who controls it all. Doubt that after this you'll still control it.

The third method assumes that you are a strong person and can grow into the role. The method is called "Pretend". You need to imagine that you nerevnivy people. Now try to behave like nerevnivy people. Psychologists say that people subconsciously imagine it inspire and very soon cease to be jealous of your mate.

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