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how to deal with jealousy

All of us in some way jealous. If it is "moderately", even useful, because it promotes dialogue and leads to an understanding of each other. However, if jealousy becomes manic, it brings suffering partner. Here to relax and take steps to change its internal state.

Jealousy can be overcome if you know how to do it.

  • - Avoid destructive thinking. At least, not scroll them in the head for hours and days. Think about what inspires you the confidence in himself, for example, that you are extremely attractive and successful.
  • - Make an effort and be positive, must distinguish real events from those that arose in your mind. Analyze justified if your jealousy, and whether there is opportunity to discuss your problems with your partner.
  • - Trust your partner. Avoid the urge to question him, where and with whom he was every five minutes during the day. If at any point, you feel the momentum, immediately switch over. What you would like to do to get pleasure? Talk with a friend, eat something tasty, walk to the shops.
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  • - Conversation begins only when self-control. All the jealous knows that in elucidating the relationship is very difficult to stay calm, however, is simply a necessary condition, if you value your partner.
  • - Do not remember events from the past that made you jealous, regardless of whether you have clarified it for yourself. Speak only about your current concerns.
  • - If you feel that the situation can not cope, talk to a neutral (not my mother and not the other) person to whom you trust. Maybe even a therapist. Your jealousy is a fantasy, you're screwed himself suffers. Talk, it helps to dispel suspicions.
  • - Do not blame anybody in his jealousy, and least of all himself. Remind yourself often that you own them and really want to overcome the painful jealousy.
  • - Finally, remember that jealousy is generated by any fear. Fear of being deceived, to lose a loved one, looking foolish, etc. Therefore, one last tip: break the first your fears.

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