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Jelousy - an emotion directed at a specific object. Expressed in a passionate mistrust, suspicion, lingering doubts in anyone's loyalty, love, full devotion. jelousy can serve as a motive. jelousy - the manifestation of possessive, worsened by the increased selfishness. Theme of jelousy is the basis of a great number of literary works. Stereotype that Jelousy - an indicator of the power of love. There's a good reason the phrase "jealous - it means she loves." At the moment the views of researchers in this field have changed, because jelousy is often figure selfishness. Very often jelousy is the basis of crimes, and some countries even have in their penal codes of articles on the murders and other crimes of passion.

Jelousy - is to maintain the image of himself, his own personality, "pure and correct". Zealously act - fiercely and consistently, unwaveringly follow some principles that form. In relationships, this image - the image of the individual. Modern relationships are less built upon personal relationships, more and more on free, impersonal, sincere relations. So jealous - this transitional feeling in the process of growing up, experiencing and growing over the past images of "I".

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Jelousy - a devastating feeling, accompanied by an inexplicable internal strife. In search of the causes of this feeling jealous with great diligence analyzes the various facts and factors that subconsciously seemed to him real. There are 3 kinds of jelousy: classical and alcohol (drug, etc.) and pathological. Classical jelousy arises when one object consisting of a pair starts to feel the excitement and distrust of the second object. Often the mistrust generated over a long period of time when he (she) incriminate her (him) a liar. Excitement in turn may be due to activation of the ancient instinct of approaching opponent. In small doses, such jelousy only supports the sentiments and proves the existence of love between people. Alcoholic jelousy - a feeling of powerlessness and self-minor person affected by any addiction. In such cases, jelousy can be completely unreasonable, not amenable to logic and spontaneous. Often drunk at the time of remission (a period disuse,) can take the desires of the body to get accustomed stimulant for the thrill of jelousy. This period can and should be overcome. However, in comparison with the classical view that jelousy Jelousy more devastating because alcoholic blames everything and everybody in all sorts of sins, just to he developed a moral reason to relieve stress, ie further use. Pathological jelousy - the most dangerous and difficult to explain. Typically occurs in childhood. Throughout life it only increases and is becoming more and more bizarre and perverse forms. Pathological Jelousy jealous childhood favorite the teacher to the other children in school - the teacher in the family - his wife, etc. And the manifestation of his feelings is usually aggressive and repetitive (cyclic). In moments of emotional outburst such people are simply dangerous to others. The reason why such a surge can be anything: a careless glance to innocuous words or case. In moments of decay - pathological jealous aware of the absurdity and irrationality of their actions. However, the onset of a new spike can neither predict nor anticipate. tree service Leander TX



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People talk about jealousy

Overcoming jelousy by Guardian

I have been in a few relationships in my life and by that I mean few. But I have always seen myself as being more protective than possesive. I focus on my girlfriend fully and usually in the beginning she will me too. But overtime if a shift in focus lasts too long I get aggrivated and become jelous. I especialy dont like here hanging out with guys when Im not around. I know how guys can be, if shes not wanting to be with her boyfriend he must not be much, and shes hot, I think Ill try to get he interested. And so the flirting begins. I have a big problem with this. I dont talk to any other girls with or without her around, unless they are friend or family of hers. We dated for 1 and a half years, and now shes gone. I have to try to change this, because it isn,t the first time its happened. One of two things will happen if I can change. One, I can get her back, or Two, I can be assured that it will never happen again.

I'm losing my battle with jelousy by losing

I have been fighting jelousy since my very first relationship.(And I mean my first little puppy love crush) I am 28 now and have been in many relationships up to this point. I have been married and divorced. I am now in a committed relationship. We are not married but we have two children together. I am soooooo jelous of every single girl he sees. And Im talking at the store, on the street, on t.v! The poor guy can barely watch t.v. because if there is a girl on there that I think is pretty or has a good body I completely freak out. We dont even watch movies anymore because if there is a nude seen I flip out on him. I dont know what my problem is. I have been told that I am attractive my whole life. I have had four children(two are 2 1/2 year old twins. I need to lose a little weight but I am by no means fat. I am not a vain person at all. Its not that I judge people for how they look. It just kills me to think that my man looks at other girls. Thinks about other girls. And I know it would be unrealistic of me to expect any human not to do that. I am driving him and myself crazy. It is ruining our relationship. I will lose him if I cant control my jelousy. I am the nuttiest person on this site. help!

Help by Steffenney2

I need help I have never had t a problem with jealousy before but now its bad. My husband friends are all girls I hate it,every time I turn around hes talkin 2 em and I dont know how 2 just let it go.I know he loves me but I dont want him talkin 2 other girls please help¦.